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05/09/2013 - Atualizado em 12/02/2014

Reuse of Rainwater


The Reuse of Rainwater came to complete the house supply where there’s no need to use drinking water. This water can be used both for toilet flushing and for garden irrigation. The process begins with the uptaking of the rain from the roof.

Benefits: through the gutters, the water passes through pipes and goes to the collecting boxes, which have a cleaning function.

Besides dropping the first rains (due to the excess of dust at the roof) and the gutters and pipes following NBR 10844 rules, is recommended that water might be captured before the contact with the ground, thus it will be of a better quality compared with water in contact with the urban environment. This is a great idea to make this available resource, save on your water bill and help the nature.

Senai Services: Save money and protect the environment you too. Count on Senai that can help you in the developing of new technologies like this, offering:

- Environmental Consultancy.
- Environmental Assays analysis.

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